Gorgeous Blonde Spotted:

Most blondes are eye catching because of their hot looks, but this one is indeed eye catching but not because of the looks but because of the fact that he is a dude. Yes you read that right, and after seeing the picture below you have seen everything in life. This blonde dude is dressed up in a half naked track suit of neon colours and was seen walking around in Walmart in a pair of running shoes. All we wonder is was he jogging at Walmart or what?

Crazy Dress-Up Day:

Either this woman doesn’t have a mirror at her house or she has no sense of dressing up in a public place. There are a lot of things wrong with this picture, but we’ll start with the choice of her blue top, why on earth would someone wear a top like this on a body like that. On top of that the choice of pyjamas and those green shoes are just making everything so much worse.We don’t mean to body shame anyone, but with a body like that one should think twice or even thrice before deciding what to wear for grocery shopping.

Worst Hair-Do Ever:

We have never seen a haircut worse than this one ever in our life and we bet you must not have either. It’s a weird combination of a bowl cut and pony tail. We are sure even the best hairstylists in town would be unable to figure out what kind of hair-do actually that is, and its probably going to make them cry in the end to see such a hair disaster. We really hope that this person decides to do something about his obnoxious cut or he will become a tragic comedy.

Clown Circus at Walmart:

Lets hope this girl is coming from some circus or fancy dress party, or else there is no reason to dress up like that in public, in fact we don’t think anyone would even dress up like that at their home. This is just not crazy but it’s actually creepy. We wonder how many kids this girl must have scared t Walmart with her neon green clown look, and what is up with those ugly blue shoes. People are seriously loosing their sanity day by day.

Wheelchair? What wheelchair?:

This old lady really thinks Wheelchair are old school now, and who needs one when you can ride on one of these things. Mostly kids are seen doing crazy things like this, but it is a rare thing to see an old mother doing this in a public place and her daughter being a part of it. Wheelchairs are neither hard to get nor expensive at Walmart, but some people just have to go out of the way and prove themselves to be more stupid than we thought they would be.

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