Hilarious Photographer Fails (Images)

You know what? I have been thinking that we just don’t appreciate these photographers because they would be doing anything that the clients would make them do just so that they could give you the best pictures although I don’t think so that she is the photographer, but I think that she is that one friend who must have been there on every date of these people and she must have been third wheeling. Now I don’t know why am I getting that feeling but that is the way it is.

There would be people who would do anything, and I mean anything to get your photo ruined and they would be just so perfect in doing that they wouldn’t even need to try but they would just go and get your picture ruined. Now look at this picture which could have been a lovely portrait of the newlyweds but no this guy who I suppose is a loner just went there, and he just ruined the perfect picture which they two could have hung in their bedroom and have shown to their grandchildren.

I don’t know about you people, but recently I have been seeing that people want very different poses for their wedding. Now I don’t know that what is up with them but they would want the photographer to stand on the moon and then click their picture from there. But what they don’t get it is that everything which is looking beautiful isn’t the one where you would just go and would take a picture there. Now you people need to get it that around 20 people just couldn’t get on this tint bridge and could take a picture over there.

Beach weddings are just one beautiful thing which not everyone gets it. and you must have seen some pictures or even must have attended beach weddings where there would be the perfect lightening, the perfect seating arrangement and then there would be the ocean and the salty wind which would just make everything to be looking so beautiful. But you know what this is the first beach wedding which is just giving me the feeling that it isn’t more like a wedding but it is like a freak show to me. look at the people who are walking from behind and tell me you aren’t getting that feeling too?

There would be people who you would meet, and when they would be having fun, they wouldn’t even care that what is going around. They would just be sitting there, and they would be having the time of their lives without even thinking that what the other person might be getting into trouble. Now, look at this picture where the kids don’t even care that their mom has fallen off the boat and they are just enjoying the ride. Although they haven’t thought it through because it would hurt them too and not just the mom.

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