Hollywood Celebs With Serious Skin Addiction (Images)

British glamour model Kelly Brook arrived at the Snatch premiere in London in a glittering pink swimsuit… um… beg your pardon, designer gown. She wore a Julien Macdonald creation that not only revealed her side of the chest and back, but also a whole chunk of her derrière. There was a little extra backcloth, kinda of like a halfhearted train that hardly amounted to anything either. If there was any slight modesty to the outfit, it was definitely in the plunging neckline area where only about an inch of her cleavage was visible, as opposed to, well, let’s not go there!

Technically, in the photo below, Christina Ricci is wearing clothes that are covering her body but she knows how to show her body and yet not show it. The dress is see-through so you can see what you are not supposed to see and she doesn’t mind showing her assets to the world. Well, that’s probably because she too has worked on her body and she believes that she is flawless so, why not show her beautiful body to the world? We are sure that these photos are driving the men crazy and women envy these perfect looking celebrities.

The 1998 MTV music awards saw Rose McGowan walk boldly down the red carpet in an almost nude state. Even the most liberal of us will have trouble calling what Rose wore that day, a dress. Her dress exposed every single inch of her body, in fact even the parts that were covered, because she chose to cover them with mesh! The back was totally nude if you discount the thin threads that ran below her waist. A thong was the only part of her outfit that could be determined to be a piece of clothing that actually covered something.

Is it us or even you people have started to think that people with the name Jennifer are just super duper talented. Well in case you haven’t noticed this is the third talented Jennifer that we have on our list. Jennifer Lopez is also the woman who doesn’t know how to age. She is the one who has been looking younger and younger with each passing day. She has been the person who wouldn’t miss a chance to show how hot she is and she has some amazing curves which I’m pretty much sure that you all would agree with me. She has insured her hips just so you know if something happens to them she would get another one.

Jennifer Lawrence has been one of the most loved actresses in the world and there have been so many people who have been obsessed with her. and I don’t think so that there is any reason for them to not be obsessed with her because she is that amazing. And it isn’t like that she is the girl who would just look glamorous and would look beautiful but she is just as goofy as one could possibly be because she probably doesn’t know that she is flashing a bit too much or maybe she knows and she wants to show off? Who knows.

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