Unbelievable Celebrities Weight-Loss Transformation Results (Images)

1. Rosie O’Donnell

Rose suffered from a heart attack back in 2012, and her doctors said that if she has another attack, then it would be impossible for her to survive. To prevent that from happening the doctors suggested her to have a gastric sleeve surgery, which she got done in 2013. This surgery plays a great role in losing weight, but Rosie also maintained a healthy diet and exercise along with it. Before the surgery, she weighed 237 lbs, but now it is said that she has lost 60 pounds ever since and is continuing to lose more.

2. Queen Latifah

Looking at the woman Queen Latifah is, one would think that she doesn’t have to lose weight for people to like her more as she has got her charming personality and confidence for that. But sometimes weight is not just to look pretty but also to stay healthy. Queen wanted to shed 5 to 10 % of her body weight, which she did quite easily by giving few months in the gym and doing a great diet. She lost 20 lbs in just a couple of months.

3. Alec Baldwin

If you think it’s difficult to lose weight at an older age because one does not have the energy and patience, then have a look at Alec Baldwin who lost 35 lbs with dedication and lots of exercises. After Alec got diagnosed with diabetes, he had to eliminate sugar from his diet and was advised to lose some weight. So in his case losing weight was not about looking more attractive but it was about staying alive and healthy.

4. Melissa McCarthy

Melisa McCarthy, no matter how much we love her we have to accept was extremely overweight and unhealthy. She weighed so much that it started to create medical issues for her. This was the moment she decided that it was high time and she has to shed some pounds. She started having a high protein, and low carb diet made sure to get the right amount of sleep and had lots of green tea to boost her weight loss. She did a great job and managed to lose 75 lbs.

5. Lisa Riley

Diet alone can never make a person lose weight, they might shed some pounds temporarily, but after a while, they’ll end up gaining it again. The key to losing and then maintaining weight is the choice of having the right lifestyle. That is what Lisa Riley did, she just did not go on a diet, but she gave up on alcohol, kept decreasing her intake of food portions and ate at the right time, she now takes her last meal before 6:30 in the evening. She also did Zumba. The result? She lost 140 lbs, which is remarkable for a woman of her age.

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