Unlucky Kids, You Won’t Believe Exist (Images)

1. Sam Berns:

This poor kid is one of the few unlucky children who are affected by progeria. Remember Brad Pitt’s movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” that story was inspired by life of kid’s like Sam Berns. This kid gained popularity when his paediatricians parents made an appeal to fight their son’s illness. A Progeria Research Foundation was founded by them which created awareness using Sam’s story. After HBO’s documentary “Life According to Sam.”  and his appearance on TED made him a celebrity. Unfortunately he passed in 2014 at the age of 17.

2. Lakshmi Tatma:

An Indian girl born in 2005, who was born with four legs and four arms. Her Hindu name was kept after Hindu’s Goddess of wealth but unfortunately the girl was born with such a miserable health condition. The reason of her condition is that she inherited limbs and other body parts from a conjoined twin who passed away at the time of birth. In Hindu religion there are many Gods who have had several body parts and limbs, when Lakshmi was born many in her small town started thinking of her as an incarnation, this turned her into a celebrity. Although this theory has no place in science but this helped her in getting herself operated from the funds she got after becoming famous. At the age of two she had a 27 hours surgery involving 30 best surgeons of India, and today she looks like a normal healthy girl.

3. Nguyen Xuan Minh:

A Vietnamese boy born with anomalies, Aa condition which is found in one out of thousands children and the reason for his this condition is the famous The Vietnam War. In the war Americans used a potent chemical called the Agent Orange to destroy crops and jungles as they tried to take over the control of the countryside. Few strong compounds of Agent Orange leaked in the water and soil and ruined all the future harvests. 6-year-old Nguyen Xuan Minh’s strange deformation of the cranium made him the symbol of the campaign which is trying to point the finger at those responsible for the Vietnam War, but sadly Nguyen Xuan Minh and many kids like him effects by the war can’t do anything about their condition because they can’t afford it.

4. An Qi:

This unlucky Chinese kid was born with an extreme rare condition which caused abnormal hair growth on the right side of his face. A condition likes this explains where the myths of werewolves has been coming from. An Qi just has it on the right side of his face but some people have it on their entire body. Imagine the amount of pain this kid must have to go through each day, and these hair grow like normal hair and need regular maintenance. But lucky for him, some people with a generous heart helped An Qi and now he is in a lot better condition than how he looks in the picture.

5. Muhammad Kaleem:

9-year-old Mohammad Kaleem suffers from a medical problem which caused him to have gigantic hands. This was enough sad and unfortuante for him and his family, but it got worse as the small town he lived in, the people there thought go the whole thing as a taboo and started calling Muhammad “a devil’s child”. He was also not allowed to goto any school , but luckily the kid got a lot of attention through the media and many people came forward to help him. Sadly surgeries could not really fix him, but the doctors did whatever they can. The growth of his hands was stooped and extra tissues were removed, this does not give Muhammad hands like other nine year olds but this at-least improved some of his life’s quality.

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